Your vision is our concern: DoctorsAsan in Hungary, where quality meets care and your eyes find their way to a bright future without vision problems.

Our Story

Our Story

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1998: The Path to Better Vision Opens

DoctorsAsan began its journey in 1998 when Dr. Istvan Nagy, a young and ambitious ophthalmologist, decided to create a unique medical institution dedicated to eye care and overall vision health. From day one, we have strived to create a clinic where patients can feel confident receiving high-quality eye care services.

2005: Introduction of Innovations and Technologies

Over the years, DoctorsAsan has faced challenges posed by the growing need for high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods. In 2005, we introduced advanced technology, providing our patients with access to the most advanced ophthalmology techniques.

2012: Expansion of Team and Services

In response to increased patient volume and growing complexity of ophthalmic cases, DoctorsAsan has expanded its team of distinguished specialists. New talent and experienced physicians have joined us to provide a wide range of services including surgery, glaucoma treatment, vision correction and more.

our technologies


At DoctorsAsan, we strive to be at the forefront of implementing advanced technologies to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of eye diseases. Our technologies are aimed at maximizing the quality of vision and ensuring the safety of each patient.

Retinal Tomography


We have introduced high-resolution tomographic systems that allow us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the retina and detect even the smallest anomalies. This allows for early diagnosis of eye diseases such as retinal degeneration.

Laser Technology for Eye Surgery

United States

Our surgeons use advanced laser systems to correct vision and treat glaucoma. This ensures high precision and minimal risks during surgical interventions.




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